Scale: 1/350


Recommended to help build a late 1950s USS Yorktown CV-10 model from Gallery Model's 1/350 scale USS Intrepid CVS-11.

This model represents the modernized SCB-125 island of Essex class aircraft carrier USS Yorktown CVS-10 as it appeared circa October, 1955-1960 immediately after her conversion to an angled flight deck carrier.


USS Yorktown is preserved as a museum ship at Patriots Point, South Carolina, near Charleston. During 1956, she was embarked with Air Task Group 4.  During 1957, Carrier Air Group 19 (CVW-19) was embarked aboard ship.  From 1958-1960, she carried various anti-submarine warfare squadrons.


  • open bridge and PriFly windows with delicate framing
  • decks properly offset to port - teh Gallery Models kits' decks are positioned too far to starboard and should NOT be centered on the island
  • properly positioned deck features
  • accurately shaped decks, catwalks and splinter shields for Yorktown
  • deck supporting structure details accurately positioned as confirmed by photos of the real ship
  • delicate exterior piping detail correct for Yorktown
  • porthole rigols ("eyebrows")
  • correct style A/T doors for Yorktown, most in the open position
  • door overhead rain deflectors
  • correct number and position of PriFly splinter shield ribs
  • open funnel cap (grille not included), ready for your favorite photoetch set


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1/350 USS Yorktown CV-10 Island, 1955-1960

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