Scale: 1/400

Set includes 4 mounts (turrets).  No barrels.

This set of four 5"/38 cal. Mk.22 twin-gun mounts (turrets) represents the main battery of Porter class and Somers class US Navy destroyers of World War Two.  The 5"/38 cal. Mk.22 Mount was a single-purpose (surface action only) mount enclosing twin Mk.12 guns.


  • fully assembled
  • overall dimensions scaled from official US Navy O.P. 1112 drawings dated January, 1945
  • details confirmed from careful study of high-resolution photographs obtained from the National Archives
  • accurately shaped gunhouse (turret)
  • detailed turret bottom supporting structure
  • accurately sized and located, access hatches and viewfinder ports with hinge, clasp ("dog") and bolt detail
  • slots for barrels set to the loading angle of +5 degrees (barrels not included)

These 3D-printed mounts are designed to match the overall dimensions of features of the real mounts as recorded in official US Navy drawings.  They are not copies of any injection molded plastic or resin kits' parts and therefore may be differently shaped and sized.  Some adjustment to your kit, or other aftermarket products such as photoetch, may be necessary for best fit.

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1/400 5"/38 cal. Mk.22 Mounts for Porter and Somers class DDs

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