Scale: 1/400

Set includes 4 turrets with integrated barrels and blast bags.

This set of 4 model turrets represents the enormous 50.8 cm (20") main battery of the proposed H-43 and H-44 class battleships of the Deutsche Kriegsmarine.  There were several design proposals for "Schlachtschiff H" (Battleship H) beginning with "H-39" in 1939.  The 1943 design, known as "H-43", and the 1944 design, known as "H-44" were the largest, both mounting eight 50.8 cm (20 inch) guns.


Click here for more information about these proposed ships.


Since the actual ships and 50.8 cm guns and turrets were only theoretical design studies, never built, these 3D-printed models are speculative, with overall dimensions based on a proportional enlargement of the Krupp Drh L C/34 gunhouse (turret) of the Bismarck class battleships.  The armored rangefinder hoods and periscopes are not enlarged, but identically sized duplicates of those of the Bismarck class turrets.

Turret dimensions (not including barrels):

  • Length (front of glacis to rear wall): 53.2 mm
  • Width (outer edge-to-outer edge of armored rangefinder hoods): 36.6 mm
  • Apron diameter (disk on turret bottom that fits over the barbette): 40.3 mm

This model is an original design.  It is NOT a 3D-printed copy of any plastic, paper card or resin kit's parts therefore it may be sized and shaped differently than the parts in your plastic, paper card or resin kit.  Some adjustment to your kit's parts or other aftermarket sets such as photo etch or wood decks may be needed for best fit.

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1/400 H-Klasse H-43 and H-44 50.8 cm (20") Turrets

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