Scale: 1/400

Recommended for:

  • Airfix 1/400 scale HMS King George V 
  • Heller 1/400 scale HMS King George V  
  • JSC 1/400 scale HMS King George V 
  • and more!


This 3D-printed madel is intended as better detailed, direct replacements for your HMS King George V  kit's funnels. 



  • extensive riveting detail
  • Oerlikon platform lockers
  • heat barrier
  • compartment doors
  • rigols ("eyebrows") above portholes
  • funnel top pulley housings


Depending on which plastic kit or paper card kit you own, some minor adjustment of your kit's parts may be necessary for best fit.


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    1/400 HMS King George V Funnels

    SKU: 400-KGV Funnels-2

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