Scale: 1/400

Set includes 4 cranes.

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These accurately sized and highly detailed model cranes represent the large, conspicuous, Stothert & Pitt Ltd. cargo and baggage handling cranes of many merchant steamers such as Olympic class White Star liners RMS Titanic, RMS Olympic and HMHS Britannic, and Cunard liners RMS Lusitania and RMS Mauretania

Cylindrical crane equipment operating pedestals are available separately. 


For those building Titanic, or any other Olympic class ship, please be advised that this set includes only 4 cranes so two sets will be needed for one Titanic model ship.  Only one set is needed for Mauretania.

Titanic and Olympic were equipped with eight electric cargo and baggage handling cranes made by Stothert and Pitt, Ltd. of Bath, England.  Six of the cranes were rated for 50 cwt (2.5 tons).  Two each of these were located on the forward well deck, the aft well deck and the poop deck.  Two additional cranes were rated for 30 cwt (1.5 tons) and were mounted on smaller diameter cylindrical handling rooms.  These two were located on the A Deck Promenade, aft.  


  • Carefully scaled and detailed from careful study of drawings based on Harland and Wolf plans as well as photographs of cranes on RMS Titanic and RMS Olympic
  • accurately shaped
  • accurately shaped and positioned equipment lockers
  • accurately sized, shaped and positioned rivet and bolt details.  Bolts randomly turned for added realism
  • operator platform intentionally designed thicker than scale in order to be 3D-printable.  All other features designed to-scale
  • perfectly matched for 3D-printed cylindrical crane equipment handling rooms available separately


These scale model cranes are not 3D-printed copies of any plastic, resin or paper card model kit’s parts. They may not be the same size and shape of your plastic or paper card model kit’s parts. Some adjustment of your plastic or paper card kit’s parts or any aftermarket products such as photo-etch may be necessary for best fit.

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1/400 Titanic, Lusitania and Mauretania Cargo Cranes (set of 4)

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