Scale: 1/400

Set includes 15 tubs with exterior rib reinforcement.  Quadruple 40mm Bofors mounts are not included.

This set of models represents the protective splinter shielding known as "gun tubs" fit to World War Two-era US Navy warships around 40mm Bofors quadruple-gun mounts.  Dimensions are scaled from typical 18'-4" (`5.59 meter) diameter tubs with a shield height of 4'-3" (`1.3 meter).  This set has 8 equi-distant reinforcing ribs on the shield exterior as seen on some tubs.  A set of smooth tubs is available separately.

Carefully cut away or clip away any unneeded sections.  3D-printed plastic is brittle.  Careful use of a very sharp hobby knife or clippers is recommended.

Inner Diameter: 13.47 mm

Outer Diameter (not including ribs): 13.97 mm

Height: 3.24 mm

Splinter shield and floor thickness: 0.3 mm

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1/400 Tubs for 40mm Quadruple Bofors Mounts (ribbed shield)

SKU: 400-bofors-tubs-ribbed-15