Scale: 1/400

Set includes 15 tubs.  Quadruple 40mm Bofors mounts are not included.

This set of models represents the protective splinter shielding known as "gun tubs" fit to World War Two-era US Navy warships around 40mm Bofors quadruple-gun mounts.  Dimensions are scaled from typical 18'-4" (`5.59 meter) diameter tubs with a shield height of 4'-3" (`1.3 meter).  A set of tubs with exterior rib reinforcement is available separately.

Carefully cut away or clip away any unneeded sections.  3D-printed plastic is brittle.  Careful use of a very sharp hobby knife or clippers is recommended.

Inner Diameter: 13.37 mm
Outer Diameter: 13.97 mm
Height: 3.24 mm
Splinter shield thickness: 0.3 mm

Floor thickness: 0.4 mm

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1/400 Tubs for 40mm Quadruple Bofors Mounts (smooth shield)

SKU: 400-bofors-tubs-smooth-15

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