Scale: although Revell box art and literature state the Revell USS Arizona and USS Pennsylvania model kits to be 1/426 scale, they are actually 1/429 scale as confirmed by Loren Perry, owner of Gold Medal Models and holder of the original Revell documents.  This 3D-printed model is perfectly scaled to match the Revell kits' true scale.

Set includes 8 mounts (turrets).  No barrels.


Recommended to help build USS Pennsylvania BB-38 or USS Nevada BB-36, as they appeared from 1943-1945, from:

  • Revell 1/426 scale USS Arizona BB-39
  • Revell 1/426 scale USS Pennsylvania BB-38 
  • Revell 1/426 scale Pearl Harbor Set USS Arizona, Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero, Nakajima B5N2 Kate  


Among naval historians, the US Navy 5"/38 caliber gun is considered the best intermediate-caliber, dual purpose naval gun of World War II.  Compared to the earlier Mk.28 twin-gun mounts (turrets) designed for fast battleships, this set of 3D-printed models represents the later Mk.32 mount which was lighter, slightly differently shaped, and designed for aircraft carriers, re-built pre-war battlships and cruisers where weight was an important consideration.  USS Pennsylvania BB-38 and USS Nevada BB-36 were fit with these mounts in 1943.


  • accurate dimensions scaled from official US Navy blueprints
  • detailed armored viewfinder and rangefinder hoods
  • slots for barrels (barrels not included - too fine to print)
  • integrated trunnions set to +5 degrees (loading angle)
  • crew access hatches and maintenance hatches with hinge and bolt-head details
  • bolt-heads in accurate locations
  • roof-top mount captain access hatch


Instructions describing how to convert your USS Arizona kit to USS Pennsylvania are not provided with this product when shipped to you.  Please study the images shown in the carousel on this webpage to learn where each part goes, as well as online references such as photographs of USS Pennsylvania BB-38 found on NavSource (click here).

A set of detailed, scale plans of USS Pennsylvania as she appeared in 1945 are available from The Floating Drydock (click here).


These mounts are precisely scaled to match the dimensions of the real mounts as recorded in official Navy blueprints.  They are not 3D-printed copies of any plastic model ship parts and therefore are likely to be differently shaped and sized than the mounts found in your plastic or resin kit.  Some adjustment to your kit's parts or any aftermarket items such as photoetch railings may be necessary for best fit.

© Model Monkey LLC. This 3D-printed product may not be copied or recast.

Also available:

  • USS Pennsylvania BB-38 Forward Superstructure, 1945
  • USS Pennsylvania Funnel (smoke stack), 1943-1945
  • USS Pennsylvania Superstructure 01 Level (former boat deck), 1945
  • USS Pennsylvania Aft Fire Control Tower, 1945
  • USS Pennsylvania's unique vents (set of 3)
  • 5"/38 cal. Mk.32 Twin-gun Mounts (turrets, set of 8)
  • 14"/45 cal. Triple-gun Turrets, with trunnions, no barrels (set of 4)
  • 14"/45 cal. Triple-gun Turrets, with integrated barrels (set of 4)
  • Set of Fire Control Directors (Mk.34 Director with Mk.13 airfoil-shaped Radar Antenna, and two Mk.37 Directors)
  • Metal or Acrylic Nameplate

1/426 USS Pennsylvania and USS Nevada 5"/38 Mk.32 Twin-gun Mounts, 1943-1945

SKU: 426-5in38-Mk32-8