This model has been significantly redesigned for more detail, include an integrated forward tripod.  The model features a revised parts breakdown that helps make deck painting easier.


Scale: 1/426 (1/429 true scale, perfectly matched to Revell kits).

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This model kit superstructure is intended as a more accurate and much better detailed option for modelers building a 1/426 scale USS Arizona BB-39 model kit as the ship appeared throughout the 1930s, after her major 1929-1931 reconstruction at Norfolk, Virginia, until further modifications were made in late 1940-January 1941 at Puget Sound Navy Yard.


The superstructure was in this configuration during the March, 1934 filming of "Here Comes the Navy" starring James Cagney, Pat O'Brien and Gloria Stuart.


Fighting tops are available separately.

This is a multi-part kit.  These parts were designed for a tight fit.  3D-printed gray resin is more brittle than polystyrene plastic kit parts.  If necessary, trim parts to fit rather than force them.


This model was designed from scans of official US Navy blueprints of the actual ship.  It is not a 3D-printed copy of any plastic or resin model kit's parts.  Therefore, this model may be differently sized and shaped than the parts of your plastic model kit.  Some adjustment to your plastic or resin model kit's parts, or other aftermarket parts such as wooden deck or photo-etch, may be necessary for best fit.


  • Overall dimensions and features scaled from scans of official US Navy shipyard blueprints obtained from the National Archives with details confirmed from shipyard photos.
  • Complete tripod, properly aligned with an accurate height, with associated platforms, and drain pipe detail on the aft legs (a fighting top is available separately).
  • Detailed armored conning tower of the correct scale thickness with two sizes of accurately shaped and positioned vision slits.
  • Conning tower rooftop persicopes (periscopes are very fragile, please handle and paint with care).
  • Accurately shaped signal deck.
  • Properly shaped navigation bridge and pilot house.
  • Range clock.
  • Open windows and 18" diameter airports (portholes) all around.
  • Splinter shield rib details.
  • Ventilators, accurately sized, shaped and positioned, of different types.
  • 4 peloruses and single exterior binacle.
  • Drum-shaped radio direction finder cover.
  • Flag lockers.
  • Three different types of closed weather-tight doors of the proper "standard pressed panel" type (48" x 26" on the anti-aircraft station, 56" x 26" on the flag bridge weather protection enclosures, and 66" x 26" elsewhere - as per US Navy blueprints), all with "dog" (clamp) and hinge detail.
  • Pedestals for searchlights, and 22' rangefinder (searchlight, 22' rangefinder, and anti-aircraft rangefinders not included).
  • Heavy supporting structure details.
  • Accurately sized and located deck and platform openings for 4 different widths of inclined ladders (ladders not included).* 
  • Parts separated where bulkheads meet a deck to help make deck painting easier.


Sprue removal is generally difficult.  Care is receommended when cutting sprues from under-deck and under-platform supports and the range clock.


* If you intend to add photo-etch ladders to the tripod platforms, please note that the openings in the real tripod's "machine gun platform" and triangular "futtock platform" were very small for very narrow ladders, much narrower than standard inclined ladders. The real opening in the tripod's "machine gun platform" was just 24" wide x 27" long. The real opening in the tripod's triangular "futtock platform" was just 28" wide by 32" long. Those widths work out to be just over 1.5 mm wide in 1/350 scale. This 3D-printed model has accurately sized openings.  Typical 1/350 scale photo-etch ladders will not fit through those openings.  Instead, choose photo-etch ladders that are no wider than 1.5 mm for best fit.


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1/426 USS Arizona BB-39 Superstructure, 1931-1940

SKU: 426-BB39 superstructure 1931-1940