Scale: Revell boxart states the kits' scale to be 1/490.  When compared to Navy plans, the models' true scale is close to 1/483.  These turrets are perfectly matched to your Revell kit.


Set includes 4 Mk.34 directors and 4 Mk.13 radar antennas. 

Recommended for:

  • Revell 1/490 scale USS Pittsburgh CA-72 (1967 release)
  • Revell 1/490 scale USS Pittsburgh CA-72 (1971 release)
  • Revell 1/490 scale USS Los Angeles CA-135

This set of 4 directors and 4 antennas represents two types of Mk.34 directors (World War Two and Cold War configurations) fit to ships of the Brooklyn class, St. Louis class, Cleveland class, Baltimore class, and rebuilt pre-war battleships of the Tennessee and Colorado classes.  It was also fit to USS St. Louis CL-49 and others.  Four of each type are included.  Please check your references to know which of the two types is accurate for your model.  


Some directors were fit with airfoil-shaped Mk.13 radar antennas which are included in this set.  Again, please check your references to know if this antenna is accurate for your model.   No photo-etch is included.  If desired, please use your own favorite photo-etch set for radar supporting framework.

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1/490 Mk.34 Fire Control Directors and Mk.13 Radar Antennas

SKU: 490-Mk34 and Mk13-4 and 4

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