Scale: 1/500

Set includes 3 mounts (turrets) with barrels.  Includes spare barrels.

Among naval historians, the US Navy 5"/38 caliber cannon is considered the best intermediate-caliber, dual purpose naval gun of World War II.  This type was installed on several classes of destroyers, destroyer escorts and Coast Guard cutters as well as the battleship USS Idaho BB-42 and the nuclear-powered cruiser USS Long Beach CGN-9.  

The "Lightweight" or "Single Knuckle" version was normally placed in locations where roof reinforcement was not required.  The late version, reproduced here, appeared sometime after 1942, had no stiffeners on the front of the gunhouse and additional fasteners on access hatches.  An alarm bell was often fitted to the rear of the mount.  Under the direction of then-President John F. Kennedy, two "single knuckle" 5"/38 cal. Mk.30 mounts were fit to the nuclear guided missile cruiser USS Long Beach CGN-9.  This type of 5-inch/38 Mount is also often seen on "square bridge" Fletchers such as USS Kidd DD-661, and four were carried by USCGC Roger B. Taney during her World War Two service.

This multi-part, unassembled model kit can be made rotatable and the gun can be positioned at any elevation.


  •  an asymmetrical gunhouse (turret)
  •  offset gun opening
  •  detailed turret bottom supporting structure
  •  rear vent

It is suitable for scale model ships of the following classes:

  • Bagley
  • Benham
  • Benson
  • Buckley
  • Butler
  • Dunlap
  • Fletcher 
  • Garcia
  • German destroyer class 119
  • Gridley
  • Hamilton
  • Secretary
  • Sims
  • USS Idaho BB-42
  • USS Long Beach CGN-9
  • Wind class Coast Guard cutters

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1/500 5"/38 cal. "Single Knuckle" Mounts, set of 3

SKU: 500-5in-Mk30single