Scale: 1/500

Set includes 10 mounts (turrets) for fast battleships.  No barrels.


For aircraft carriers and cruisers, choose Mk.32 mounts available separately)

Recommended for:

  • Frog 1/500 scale USS North Carolina BB-55
  • Renwal 1/500 scale USS North Carolina BB-55  
  • Renwal 1/500 scale USS Washington BB-56  


  • accurate dimensions scaled from official US Navy blueprints and confirmed by photos and measurements taken from actual Twin Mounts
  • detailed armored viewfinder and rangefinder hoods
  • crew access hatches and maintenance hatches with hinge and bolt-head details
  • bolt-heads in accurate locations

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1/500 5"/38 Mk.28 Mounts for Fast Battleships, Atlanta class (fixed trun

SKU: 500-5in38-Mk28-10