Scale: 1/500

Recommended for:

  • Renwal / Revell 1/500 scale USS Springfield CL-66/CLG-7 
  • Renwal 1/500 scale USS Galveston CL-93/CLG-3
  • Renwal 1/500 scale USS Pasadena CL-65


This multi-part model kit represents the "square bridge" of the US Navy's World War II-era Cleveland class light cruisers.  It is intended as a more accurate replacement for the parts found in any 1/500 scale Cleveland class model kit.  Minor adjustment to these parts or your model kit's parts may be necessary to ensure best fit.


  • overall dimensions accurately scaled from official US Navy Booklet of General Plans drawings for USS Miami CL-89, dated June, 1946
  • accurately shaped Forward Air Defense level
  • accurately shaped Forward Fire Control Station level
  • accurately shaped Navigating Bridge level shape
  • Target Designation Periscopes
  • Slightly raised discs for Sky Lookouts and Directors
  • deck cutouts for inclined ladders
  • opened doors, ready for your favorite PE
  • open bridge portholes
  • chart table and lockers on the Forward Air Defense level
  • cutout for the foremast

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Model Monkey 1/500 scale Cleveland class products:

  • Cleveland class “Square Bridge” 
  • 6"/47 cal. Turret Set, World War Two configuration (set of 4)
  • Cleveland class All-Gun Supplemental Set (aft barbettes, 6"/47 cal. barrels and 5"/38 Mk.32 Mounts)
  • Cleveland class Guided Missile Cruiser Set (two 6"/47 turrets, 6"/47 cal. barrels and 5"/38 mounts)
  • 5"/38 cal. Mk.32 twin mounts (set of 6)
  • 5"/38 cal. Barrels (set of 16)
  • Mk.37 Directors (set of 4)

These parts can be adapted for the following "square bridge" Cleveland class light cruisers in their World War II fit:

  • CL-64 Vincennes​
  • CL-65 Pasadena
  • CL-66 Springfield
  • CL-67 Topeka
  • CL-80 Biloxi
  • CL-81 Houston
  • CL-82 Providence
  • CL-83 Manchester
  • CL-86 Vicksburg
  • CL-87 Duluth
  • CL-89 Miami
  • CL-90 Astoria
  • CL-91 Oklahoma City
  • CL-92 Little Rock
  • CL-93 Galveston
  • CL-101 Amsterdam
  • CL-102 Portsmouth
  • CL-103 Wilkes-Barre
  • CL-104 Atlanta
  • CL-105 Dayton

1/500 Cleveland class Cruiser "Square Bridge"

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