Scale: 1/500

Set includes 35 life raft racks.


Recommended for:

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  • Renwal/Revell 1/500 scale USS King  DDG-41
  • Renwal 1/500 scale USS Dewey  DDG-45
  • Renwal 1/500 scale USS Farragut  DDG-37
  • Revell 1/500 scale USS Long Beach CGN-9


This set represents standard 72" x 42" x 26" steel life raft racks containing inflatable life rafts fit to early Cold War-era US Navy warships such as Iowa class battleships, aircraft carriers of the Essex class, Midway class, Forrestal class, Kitty Hawk class, USS Enterprise CVAN-65, early Nimitz class, as well as USS Long Beach CGN-9, Mitscher, Farragut, and Forrest Sherman classes, etc.

Experience with handling very small parts is recommended.

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1/500 Life Raft Racks, US Navy (early Cold War)

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