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This multi-part kit represents the modernized island of Essex class aircraft carrier USS Oriskany CVA-34 as it appeared circa 1968-1973.  This design includes the large, boxy structure extending outwards from the starboard side at the 09 level added to the real island circa early 1968.  This structure served as Electronic Countermeasures Room No. 1.

During this period, Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 19, tail code NM, was embarked, equipped with Vought F-8 Crusaders, Vought A-7 Corsair IIs, Sikorski SH-3 Sea Kings and Grumman E-1 Tracers among other types. 

With minor modifications, this island can be adapted to represent other Vietnam-era angle-deck Essex class carriers.  It is not accurate for USS Yorktown CVS-10, USS Hornet CVS-12, USS Randolph CVS-15 or USS Wasp CVS-18 because those ships had a different bridge window configuration.  Please check your references to confirm details of other ships. 


Please see the catalog for other 1/530 scale Essex class islands.

This 1/530 scale design is too small for the 1/500 scale Renwal Essex class kits and will not fit them properly.  An Oriskany island precisely scaled specifically for the Renwal 1/500 scale Essex class model kits is available separately.


  • scaled from official US Navy Booklet of General Plans drawings specifically of USSOriskany, details adjusted to match photos
  • just two parts: a fully assembled island and separate radar dome
  • open bridge and PriFly windows with delicate framing
  • navigating bridge correctly offset to port
  • accurately shaped decks, catwalks and splinter shielding
  • accurately positioned deck features
  • deck supporting structure details accurately positioned as confirmed by photos of the real ship
  • delicate exterior piping and electrical cabling and piping detail, properly routed specifically for Oriskany
  • accurately oriented and positioned flag lockers, specific to Oriskany
  • integrated Mk.37 director, Cold War-type
  • open portholes including those within the flag bridge and navigating bridge
  • porthole rigols ("eyebrows") accurately positioned, only on those portholes that actually had them
  • correct style doors, most in the open position with the door fixed to the bulkhead
  • door overhead chevron-shaped rain deflectors
  • correct number and position of PriFly splinter shield ribs
  • open funnel cap (grille not included), ready for your favorite photoetch set

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1/530 USS Oriskany CVA-34 Island, 1968-1973

SKU: 530-CV34-1968-1973

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