Scale: 1/535

Set includes 4 directors.

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For USS Iowa BB-61 and USS New Jersey BB-62.  For USS Missouri BB-63 and USS Wisconsin BB-64, choose Mk.37 directors with commander's cockpits, which have a different shape.


The US Navy Mark 37 Director was used to control the fire of the 5”/38 caliber dual purpose batteries against both aircraft and surface targets, to direct the fire of starshells for the illumination of surface targets and to position the searchlights.  


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Mk.37 "Angle-Back" directors (this set of models): the early Mod versions, called "taper-back" or "angle-back", were installed on the NORTH CAROLINA class battleships, SOUTH DAKOTA class battleships, USS Iowa BB-61, USS New Jersey BB-62, USS Saratoga CV-3 (from 1943), USS Hornet CV-8, SIMS-BENSON-GLEAVES class destroyers, and early completed cruisers and battleships like the first four ATLANTA class light cruisers. It appears in about 1941 the US Navy switched to the “square-back” Mk 37 directors for all ships being built (and modified), and continued to be made throughout WWII.


Mk.37 "Square-Back" director for Mk 12/22 radar (available separately): these are the same directors as above with two extension boxes added to the back to house the electronics of the new radars. As an aside, the Mk 12 radar was available and installed without the Mk 22 radar on a few destroyers in mid-1944. Most of those destroyers had the Mk 22 installed before going to the war zone however during post-shakedown availabilities.


Mk.37 "Square-Back" director for Mk 12/22 radar, with commander's cockpit (available separately): the commander's cockpit was added as a mod to existing and new directors starting in early 1945. 

1/535 Mk.37 Directors, "Angle-back"

SKU: 535-Mk37 angle-back-4

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