Scale: 1/542

Set includes 8 double dome mounts.  No barrels.

Recommended for:

  • Revell 1/542 scale USS Forrestal CV-59
  • Revell 1/542 scale USS Saratoga CV-60
  • Revell 1/542 scale USS Ranger CV-61
  • Revell 1/542 scale USS Independence CV-62  

This multi-part model kit represents the double dome versions of the highly successful 5 inch 54 caliber Mark 42 Mount installed aboard many US Navy and allied warships.  Vessels carried either the double-dome or single-dome mounts.  Please consult your references to know which type is correct for your model.


  • overall dimensions from official US Navy drawings
  • barrel slot in trunnion, ready for you own barrels (not included)
  • two detailed "frog-eye" local fire control domes (right for antiaircraft, left for surface firing)
  • properly scaled hatches with hinge details
  • access plates with hex-head bolt details


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From Wikipedia: "The Mark 42 5"/54 caliber gun (127mm) is a naval gun (naval artillery) mount used by the United States Navy and other countries. It consisted of the Mark 18 gun and Mark 42 gun mount. United States naval gun terminology indicates the gun fires a projectile 5 inches (127.0 mm) in diameter, and the barrel is 54 calibers long (barrel length is 5" × 54 = 270" or 6.9 meters.) In the 1950s a gun with more range and a faster rate of fire than the 5"/38 caliber gun used in World War II was needed. Because of this reason, the gun was created concurrently with the 3"/70 Mark 26 gun for different usages. The 5"/54 Mk 42 is an automatic, dual-purpose (air / surface target) gun mount. It is usually controlled remotely from the Mk 68 Gun Fire Control System, or locally from the mount at the One Man Control (OMC) station."

 United States
United States Navy

  • First used on USS Northampton (CLC-1)
  • Forrestal-class aircraft carrier
  • Belknap-class cruiser and USS Truxtun (CGN-35)
  • Charles F. Adams-class destroyer
  • Farragut class destroyer
  • Forrest Sherman-class destroyer
  • Mitscher-class destroyer
  • Knox-class frigate

Royal Australian Navy

  • Perth-class destroyer (modified Charles F. Adams class)

Egyptian Navy

  • Damiyat class frigate (ex-USN Knox class frigates)


German Navy

  • Lütjens-class destroyer (modified Charles F. Adams class)


Hellenic Navy

  • Ipiros class frigate (ex-USN Knox class frigates)
  • Kimon class destroyer (ex-USN Charles F. Adams-class destroyer)

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force

  • Tachikaze-class destroyer
  • Hatakaze-class destroyer
  • Haruna-class destroyer
  • Takatsuki-class destroyer
  • Shirane-class destroyer

Mexican Navy

  • Ignacio Allende class frigate (ex-USN Knox class frigates)

Spanish Navy

  • Baleares-class frigate (modified Knox class)

Republic of China Navy

  • Chih Yang class frigate (modified ex-USN Knox class)

Royal Thai Navy

  • Phutthayotfa Chulalok-class frigate (ex-USN Knox class frigates)

Turkish Navy

  • Muavenet class frigate (ex-USN Knox class frigates)"

1/542 5"/54 Mk.42 Double Dome "Frog-Eye" Mounts

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