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This 3D-printed part is a direct replacement for the Tamiya kit's signal deck part so that the modeler can convert the kit to HMS Anson as she appeared after her June, 1944 to March, 1945 refit.

This Signal Deck features extended "wings" which, on the real ship, initially supported twin 20mm Oerlikons. These were later replaced with much more powerful quadruple "PomPom" Mk.VII anti-aircraft mounts, one on each side.  Although HMS Duke of York also received an enlarged signal deck (available separately), HMS Anson's signal deck is shaped differently.

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The ships of the UK's World War II-era King George V class are handsome and among the last Royal Navy battleships.  Like many warships, each ship of the class is slightly different in appearance.  All had terrific service records.  

From Wikipedia: "Anson saw service in the Second World War, escorting nine Russian convoys in the Arctic by December 1943. She took part in diversionary moves to draw attention away from Operation Husky in July 1943. In February 1944 she provided cover for Operation Tungsten, the successful air strike against the German battleship TirpitzAnson was decommissioned for a refit in June 1944 and did not return to the fleet until March 1945, when she sailed with Duke of York to join the British Pacific Fleet. By the time she arrived in the theatre, hostilities were all but over. She left Sydney on 15 August for Hong Kong with Duke of York, and along with a task force of other ships from Britain and the Commonwealth, accepted the surrender of the Japanese forces occupying Hong Kong. She was also present in Tokyo Bay during the official Japanese surrender aboard the USS Missouri.  Following the war Anson was the flagship of the 1st Battle Squadron of the British Pacific Fleet and helped to re-occupy Hong Kong. After a brief refit, Anson sailed from Sydney to Hobart in February 1946 to collect the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester and return them to Sydney.  Anson arrived back in British waters on 29 July 1946 and after a short refit was returned to peacetime duties. In November 1949, Anson was placed in reserve and in 1951 she was towed to Gare Loch.   On 17 December 1957 she was purchased for scrap by Shipbreaking Industries, Faslane."

1/600 HMS Anson Signal Deck, 1945 British Pacific Fleet appearance

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