Scale: 1/64   (3/16 inch = 1 foot)


Recommended for:

  • Caldercraft 1/64 scale HMS Diana
  • Model Shipways 1/64 scale USS Syren
  • and more!


These model represents the ship's bell and 3'-4.5" (1.03 m) square by 4'-2.5" (1.28 m) tall belfry of medium and small ships of the 18th and 19th Centuries such as the frigate HMS Diana.


Although there were minor variations among real bells and belfries, these models' details and moldings are designed to match photos of surviving bells and belfries.


Before ordering, please check these dimensions against your model ship to ensure a good fit:

  • Length:  16.07 mm  (0.63 inches)
  • Width:  16.07 mm  (0.63 inches)
  • Height:  20.0 mm  (0.79 inches)

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1/64 Belfry and Bell 18th-19th Century, small

SKU: 64-bell and belfry small