Scale: 1/64   (3/16 inch = 1 foot)


Set includes 8 carronades with carriages (skeads).


These models represent 24-pounder carronades fit to early 19th Century US Navy warships such as the brigs USS Syren and USS Argus, both of which participated in the bombardment of Tripoli in 1804.

These 3D-printed models accurately capture the features and dimensions of the 1808-pattern carronades manufactered by the Columbia Iron Works of Georgetown, Maryland including its unusual stepped bore (the bore had a smaller chamber at the rear allowing for a smaller charge to be used).   

These models are not 3D-printed copies of any plastic, metal, resin or wood kit's parts and therefore may be differently sized than your kit's parts. Some adjustment to you kit's parts may be necessary for best fit.

Carronades were first developed in Scotland at the Carron Iron Works from which they get their name.  They were sometimes referred to as "smashers".  Carronades were designed to be a very powerful, short-range, anti-ship and anti-personnel weapon requiring a smaller crew to operate than a cannon. 

Although there were minor variations among real carronades, these models' scaled dimensions and details match Columbia Iron Works factory drawings.  The most noticeable difference between Columbia-made guns and Carron-pattern guns is that the Columbia-pattern gun has a hemispherical cascabel (breech).

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1/64 US Navy 24-pounder Carronades with Carriages

SKU: 64-carronades-24-pounder-USN-8

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