Scale: 1/700

Set includes 8 mounts.  No barrels.


Mk.32 mounts were fit to aircraft carriers, cruisers and reconstructed pre-war battleships.  This type is also suitable for late Atlanta class (Oakland class) light cruisers.


For fast battleships USS North Carolina BB-55, USS Washington BB-56, USS South Dakota BB-57, USS Indiana BB-58, USS Massachusetts BB-59 , USS Alabama BB-60, USS Iowa BB-61, USS New Jersey BB-62, USS Missouri BB-63 and USS Wisconsin BB-64, and early Atlanta class cruisers, choose 5"/38 cal. Mk.28 twin-gun mounts, available separately, which have a slightly different shape.


For Allen M. Sumner and Gearing class destroyers, choose 5"/38 cal. Mk.38 twin-gun mounts, available separately.

Barrels not included.  Please use your favorite turned brass, resin or kit's barrels.


Among naval historians, the US Navy 5"/38 caliber gun is considered the best intermediate-caliber, dual purpose naval gun of World War II.  Compared to the earlier Mk.28 twin-gun mounts (turrets) designed for fast battleships, this set of 3D-printed models represents the later Mk.32 mount which was lighter, slightly differently shaped, and designed for aircraft carriers, re-built pre-war battleships and cruisers where weight was an important consideration.


  • accurate dimensions scaled from official US Navy blueprints
  • detailed armored viewfinder and rangefinder hoods
  • slots for barrels (barrels not included - too fine to print)
  • integrated trunnions set to +5 degrees (loading angle)
  • crew access hatches and maintenance hatches with hinge and bolt-head details
  • bolt-heads in accurate locations
  • roof-top mount captain access hatch


These mounts are precisely scaled to match the dimensions of the real mounts as recorded in official Navy blueprints.  They are not 3D-printed copies of any plastic model ship parts and therefore are likely to be differently shaped and sized than the mounts found in your plastic or resin kit.  Some adjustment to your kit's parts or any aftermarket items such as photoetch railings may be necessary for best fit.

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Carried by the following ships and classes:

  • USS Nevada BB-36 (reconstructed)
  • USS Tennesee BB-43 (reconstructed)
  • USS California BB-44 (reconstructed)
  • USS Maryland BB-46 (reconstructed - very late-war)
  • USS West Virginia BB-48 (reconstructed)
  • USS Pennsylvania BB-38, late war
  • USS Saratoga CV-3, post-1942 refit
  • Essex class
  • Alaska class
  • later Atlanta class (Oakland class)
  • Baltimore class
  • Cleveland class
  • Wind class icebreakers (some ships)
  • various auxiliaries

Recommended for:

  • Blue Ridge Models 1/700 scale USS Tennessee BB-43 (1944-1945)
  • Blue Ridge Models 1/700 scale USS California BB-44 (1944-1945)
  • Blue Ridge Models 1/700 scale USS West Virginia BB-48 (1944-1945)
  • Blue Ridge Models 1/700 scale USS Cleveland CL-55
  • Blue Ridge Models 1/700 scale USS Miami CL-89
  • Comet 1/700 scale USS Saratoga CV-3
  • Dragon 1/700 scale USS Pennsylvania BB-38 (1944)
  • Dragon 1/700 scale USS Essex CV-9
  • Dragon 1/700 scale USS Hornet CV-12
  • Dragon 1/700 scale USS Lexington CV-16
  • Dragon 1/700 scale USS Randolph CV-15
  • Dragon 1/700 scale USS Hancock CV-19
  • Dragon 1/700 scale USS Bob Homme Richard CV-31
  • Dragon 1/700 scale USS Antietam CV-36
  • Dragon 1/700 scale USS Boxer LPH-4
  • Dragon 1/700 scale USS Princeton CVS-37
  • Fujimi 1/700 scale USS Saratoga CV-3 (1944)
  • Hasegawa 1/700 scale USS Essex CV-9
  • Hasegawa 1/700 scale USS Yorktown CV-10
  • Hasegawa 1/700 scale USS Ticonderoga CV-14
  • Hasegawa 1/700 scale USS Hancock CV-19
  • HP-Models 1/700 scale USS Nevada BB-36 (1945)
  • HP-Models 1/700 scale USS Pennsylvania BB-38 (1943)
  • MidShip Models 1/700 scale USS Cleveland CL-55
  • Niko Model 1/700 scale USS Fargo CL-106
  • Pit-Road 1/700 scale USS West Virginia BB-48 (1945)
  • Pit-Road 1/700 scale USS Essex CV-9
  • Pit-Road 1/700 scale USS Yorktown CV-10
  • Pit-Road 1/700 scale USS Ticonderoga CV-14
  • Pit-Road 1/700 scale USS Hancock CV-19
  • Pit-Road 1/700 scale USS Baltimore CA-68 (1943)
  • Pit-Road 1/700 scale USS Baltimore CA-68 (1944)
  • Pit-Road 1/700 scale USS Pittsburgh CA-72 (1944)
  • Pit-Road 1/700 scale USS Cleveland CL-55 and Gearing class DD
  • Pit-Road 1/700 scale USS Miami CL-89
  • Samek 1/700 scale USS Alaska CB-1
  • Samek 1/700 scale USS Guam CB-2
  • Tamiya 1/700 scale USS Saratoga CV-3
  • Toms Modelworks 1/700 scale USS Nevada BB-36 (1945)
  • Trumpeter 1/700 scale USS Tennessee BB-43 (1944)
  • Trumpeter 1/700 scale USS California BB-44 (1944)
  • Trumpeter 1/700 scale USS Maryland BB-46 (1945)
  • Trumpeter 1/700 scale USS West Virginia BB-48 (1945)
  • Trumpeter 1/700 scale USS Essex CV-9
  • ​Trumpeter 1/700 scale USS Yorktown CV-10
  • ​Trumpeter 1/700 scale USS Franklin CV-13
  • ​Trumpeter 1/700 scale USS Ticonderoga CV-14
  • ​Trumpeter 1/700 scale USS Hancock CV-19
  • Trumpeter 1/700 scale USS Baltimore CA-68 (1943)
  • Trumpeter 1/700 scale USS Baltimore CA-68 (1944)
  • Trumpeter 1/700 scale USS Pittsburgh CA-72 (1944)
  • and more! 

1/700 5"/38 cal. Mk.32 Mounts for Carriers, Cruisers and pre-war Battleships

SKU: 700-5in-38-Mk32-8

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