Scale: 1/700

Set includes 18 mounts (turrets).  No barrels.

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This set of accurately shaped and highly detailed models represents the original eighteen 5"/54 caliber Mk.16 mounts carried by USS Midway CVB-41, USS Franklin D. Roosevelt CVB-42 and USS Coral Sea CVB-43 circa 1945-1949.  As the ships' service continued, the numbers of these mounts was gradually reduced.


These mounts are also suitable for Japanese Maritime Self-defense Force Akizuki class (1960-1993) and Murasame class (1958-1989) destroyers.

This set contains 9 left-handed mounts and 9 right-handed mounts.  Generally, when the mounts were stowed with barrels facing fore or aft, the mount captain's blast hood on the turret roof was outboard.  Photographs indicate that there was one exception: the port side, 3rd mount aft of the side elevator faced aft when stowed but unlike the other port-side, aft-facing mounts, this mount's blast hood was on the left (inboard) side.  See "USS Midway" by CDR Pete Clayton available from Classic Warships Publishing, pages 6-7. 


  • accurately scaled and dimensioned from official US Navy drawings appearing in Ordnance Pamphlet 1112 dated March, 1945
  • hexagonal boltheads, properly sized, numbered and located
  • slot for barrel (barrels not inlcuded)
  • solid blast hood for gun mount captain with subtle exterior framing
  • mount bottom post to aid in alignment
  • set contains 9 left-handed mounts and 9 right-handed mounts (the difference is the location of the blast hood  - see photos in the carousel above which are marked to show where mounts of each type should be located on your model)
  • all mounts marked either "L" or "R" inside the mount to indicate whether the mount is left-handed or right-handed


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1/700 Midway class 5"/54 cal. Mk.16 Mounts, and Akizuki class and Marusame class

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