Scale: 1/700

Set includes 25 "igloos".

This set of "igloos" represents the protective covering placed over anti-aircraft mount positions on US Navy warships placed in "mothballs".


  • sixteen facets
  • diameter = 7.0 mm, height = 5.3 mm


From "More than anything else, the “igloos” installed over AA gun positions came to symbolize the post-WWII fleet in reserve. The igloos were made in prefabricated sections, like orange peels, and assembled on a base ring. The igloos were made first of tin, then as WWII aircraft contracts were cancelled and aluminum became plentiful, of that metal. Aluminum had the advantage of being rustproof, and was also lighter and easier for sailors to manhandle the pieces. The pieces were held together by silicone putty which also waterproofed the seams."

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1/700 "Igloos" for "Mothballed" Reserve Fleet Ships

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