Scale: 1/700  

Set includes 8 directors.

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These accurately sized, shaped and highly detailed models represent the Mark 19 Gun Fire Directors found on many US Navy battleships and cruisers from the late 1930s through early World War Two.  They are famously featured on all of the battleships present at Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941 such as USS Arizona BB-39.  They were also mounted to Pensacola class heavy cruisers and some of the Northampton class heavy cruisers.

Overall dimensions match scaled drawings by the late Alan B. Chesley.  Details are specific to USS Arizona BB-39 and were confirmed from careful study of photographs of Mk.19 directors from the National Archives, wreck photos of USS Arizona BB-39 and 1942 refit photos of USS Pennsylvania BB-38.  Information about these directors is available from Researcher@Large (click here).

 Ships known to have carried Mark 19 directors include:

  • USS Nevada BB-36
  • USS Oklahoma BB-37
  • USS Pennsylvania BB-38
  • USS Arizona BB-39
  • USS Tennessee BB-43
  • USS California BB-44
  • USS Colorado BB-45
  • USS Maryland BB-46
  • USS West Virginia BB-48
  • USS Pensacola CA-24
  • USS Salt Lake City CA-25
  • USS Augusta CA-31
  • USS Chester CA-27
  • USS Chicago CA-29

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1/700 Mk.19 Fire Control Directors

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