Scale 1/700

Set includes 8 directors.


Recommended for:

  • USS Yorktown CV-5

  • USS Enterprise CV-6
  • USS Wasp CV-7
  • Bagley class destroyers
  • Benham class destroyers
  • Brooklyn class light cruisers
  • Dunlap class destroyers
  • Gridley class destroyers
  • Mahan class destroyers
  • New Mexico class battleships
  • New Orleans class heavy cruisers, including USS San Francisco CA-38
  • Northampton class heavy cruisers
  • Pensacola class heavy cruisers
  • Porter class destroyers
  • Portland class heavy cruisers, including USS Indianapolis CA-35
  • Somers class destroyers
  • St. Louis class light cruisers


This set of directors represents the late, enclosed Mk.33 gunfire control directors as they appeared during World War Two.  Mk.33 directors are known to have been fit to many of the above US Navy ships and classes. Please consult your references to know if the late, enclosed type is accurate for your model.


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    1/700 Mk.33 Fire Control Directors, late, enclosed

    SKU: 700-Mk33 late enclosed-8

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