Scale: 1/700  

Set includes 4 turrets with integrated barrels (barrels do not move).

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These scale triple-gun 14 inch/45 caliber Gun Turrets are designed for models of Pennsylvania class battleship USS Arizona BB-39. These model turrets were patterned from Bureau of Ordnance drawing O.P. 1112 (2nd Revision) dated January 15,1945 as well as drawings by Alan B. Chesley modified to match photos of the actual turrets.


  • accurately dimensioned gunhouse and barrel length acording to US Navy O.P 1112
  • detailed rangefinder hoods with closed viewports
  • correct number and position of barbette apron gusset plates
  • to-scale thickness of glacis
  • properly shaped gun openings
  • correctly shaped buckler (bloomer/blastbag) attachment collars on glacis
  • integrated barrels
  • trunnion accurately positioned within the gunhouse according to US Navy O.P. 1112 providing a correct distance to muzzle from the gunhouse


Note to Dragon USS Arizona kit builders: the kit's capstans and catapult turntable base are not to scale, being too high.  The real Arizona's barrels at rest were at zero degrees elevation.  Feedback received so far is that most modelers want to display the ship as it was the morning of December 7th, so the turrets are designed with barrels at zero degrees. To fit the turrets properly, and have them pointed fore-aft as they were at Pearl Harbor, the modeler will have to lower the height of the Dragon kit's capstans and aft catapult turntable.


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1/700 USS Arizona BB-39 Turrets with integrated barrels

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