Scale: 1/700

Recommended to help improve your Fujimi or Trumpeter 1/700 scale USS Lexington CV-2 kit to better represent the ship as she appeared on May 8, 1942 during the Battle of the Coral Sea.


Note: if you are buying the May, 1942 island and funnel, you do not need these splinter shields.  The funnel and island come with rounded shields.

Photographs of the wreck of celebrated aircraft carrier USS Lexington CV-2 confirm that the splinter shields for the 1.1 inch anti-aircraft gun mounts fore and aft of the island and funnel had rounded ends.  Most model kits of Lexington erroneously depict the splinter shielding as square-ended. 

In April, 1942, splinter shielding was added around the anti-aircraft mounts forward of her island and aft of her funnel. Known officially as bulwarks, they appear on Pearl Harbor Navy Yard as-built plans in this rounded configuration (see scans of those plans in the carousel). 

Lexington's aircraft, together with those of USS Yorktown CV-5, sank the Japanese aircraft carrier Shoho and the crippled the Japanese aircraft carrier Shokaku during the first carrier vs. carrier battle in history.

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1/700 USS Lexington CV-2 Rounded Splinter Shields, Battle of the Coral Sea

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