Scale: 1/700

Set includes 4 base rings.


Recommended for:

  • HP Models 1/700 scale USS Pensacola CA-24 (1941)
  • HP Models 1/700 scale USS Salt Lake City CA-25 (1944)
  • Midship Models USS Pensacola CA-24 (1941)
  • Midship Models USS Salt Lake City CA-25 (1943)
  • and more!


This set of models represents the base rings supporting the 8"/55 caliber twin-gun and triple-gun turrets of heavy cruisers USS Pensacola CA-24 and USS Salt Lake City CA-25.


Each base ring has a unique geometry and are therefore individually marked.  The forward two base rings for Turrets #1 and #2 have a properly sloped bottom to account for deck shear.  When installing the base rings to your kit, orient them so that they can be read when viewed from the bow.


These parts are thin and very fragile.  Care is recommended when removing the parts from their supporting sprues.


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1/700 USS Pensacola CA-24 and USS Salt Lake City CA-25 Turret Base Rings

SKU: 700-CA24 Base Rings-4