Scale: 1/700

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This Aft, Lower Anti-aircraft Deck model helps convert any 1/700 USS Indianapolis model kit to one of the US Navy's most decorated warships, USS Portland CA-33, as she appeared during crucial Pacific battles fought during the summer of 1942, Coral Sea and Midway.


Click here for a USS Indianapolis to USS Portland conversion tutorial.


This deck has been designed to be adapted to any 1/700 USS Indianapolis kit.  Depending on which plastic kit you own, some modification to this part and/or the kit's parts will be necessary for best fit.


  • planked, cambered deck, extents matching photos of the actual ship
  • 5" ready service lockers with subtle, raised heat radiators
  • accurate, asymmetrical deck vents with proper rain deflectors
  • accurately shaped main battery director with entrance vestibule with proper 4-panel door
  • raised whaleboat platform between service lockers and vents
  • accurate splinter shielding shape with conical "dimples" on the aft sides
  • accurately shaped incinerator with trash door and slot for exhaust pipe (pipe not included)
  • raised 1.1" "Chicago Piano" tubs with splinter shielding shape and rib details consistent with photos
  • slightly raised pedestals for 5"/25 AA mounts (mounts not included)

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Model Monkey USS Portland CA-33 (1942) conversion parts:

  • 1/700 USS Portland CA-33 Forward Superstructure, 1942
  • 1/700 USS Portland CA-33 Forward Funnel and Aircraft Handling Deck, 1942
  • 1/700 USS Portland CA-33 Aft Funnel and Upper Anti-Aircraft Deck, 1942
  • 1/700 USS Portland CA-33 Lower Anti-Aircraft Deck, 1942
  • 1/700 USS Portland CA-33 Aft Superstructure, 1942
  • 1/700 USS Portland CA-33 Aft Gun Tubs, 1942
  • 1/700 8"/55 cal. Triple Turrets for USN Heavy Cruisers

1/700 USS Portland CA-33 Lower Anti-aircraft Deck, 1942

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