Scale: 1/72

Includes 1 mount with barrels for Sumner and Gearing class destroyers as the mount appeared during World War Two, before the addition of external stiffeners.


  • accurate dimensions scaled from official US Navy blueprints and confirmed by photos and measurements taken from actual Twin Mounts
  • detailed armored viewfinder and rangefinder hoods
  • barrels fixed to a separate trunnion to allow the modeler to choose any realistic elevation from +85 degrees to -15 degrees, just like the real mount
  • crew access hatches and maintenance hatches with hinge and bolt-head details
  • bolt-heads accurately sized, number and all in accurate locations


These models are scaled from official US Navy drawings.  These models are not 3D-printed copies of any plastic or resin model kit's parts therefore they may be sized and shaped differently.  Some adjustment to your kit's parts or other aftermarket products such as photo-etch may be necessary for best fit.

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Among naval historians, the US Navy 5"/38 caliber gun is considered the best intermediate-caliber, dual purpose naval gun of World War II.  Lighter and squater than the earlier, heavier versions designed for battleships, aircraft carriers and cruisers, the "Mark 38" version of the twin mount was designed specifically for Sumner and Gearing class destroyers and other ships where weight was an important consideration.  This version also had differently shaped rangefinder hoods.

1/72 5"/38 cal. Mk.38 Mount for Sumner and Gearing class Destroyers

SKU: 72-5in38-Mk38-Sumner-barrels-1