Scale: 1/72

Recommended to help detail a late-war Gato class or Balao class submarine from:

  • Revell 1/72 scale US Navy Gato-Class Submarine
  • The Scale Shipyard USS Hardhead SS-365 (Balao class)  


This model represents the extendable radar mast fit to some US Navy Balao class and late-war Gato class submarines. The mast carried either the SD or later the SV air search radar antenna and was mounted on the fairwater (conning tower).

From the San Francisco Maritime National Park Association: "The SV replaced the original SD radar and was installed in 1945.  The SV is mounted on an extendable mast so that it could be operated when running submerged at periscope depth."

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1/72 Gato and Balao class Submarine SD or SV Radar Mast

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