Scale: 1/72. 

Set includes 4 breech doors (2 port and 2 starboard).  

Also available:

  • set of two forward torpedo tubes (click here)
  • set of two aft torpedo tubes (click here)
  • PT-109 nameplate (available from Shapeways)


    Recommended for:

    • Hasegawa 1/72 scale PT Boat Black Lagoon
    • Revell 1/72 scale PT-109
    • Revell 1/72 scale Torpedo Boat PT-117
    • Revell 1/72 scale Torpedo Boat PT-167


    This set of four models represents the doors on the aft end of Mk.18 Torpedo Tubes mounted to many World War Two US Navy PT boats such as the famous PT-109 commanded by then-Lieutenant John F. Kennedy.  The Mk.18 Torpedo Tube was used early in the war until replaced by roll-off racks for aircraft-type Mk.13 torpedoes.


    If purchasing PT boat torpedo tubes, available separately, you do not need these doors.  Breech doors are included as part the tubes.


    A good reference for PT boats can be found on NavSource (click here).

    These model breech doors are not 3D-printed copies of any plastic model kit's parts.  They are designed from actual builder’s blueprints.  Therefore, they may not be the same size or shape of your plastic kit's parts.  Some adjustment of the plastic kit's parts may be needed for best fit.

    The outer diameter of the breech door sleeve of these 3D-printed parts = 8.0 mm.  If the outer diameter of your plastic model kit's torpedo tubes is slightly smaller than 8.0 mm, these 3D-printed parts will match your kit's torpedo tube parts well.  Please measure your kit's torpedo tube parts before ordering to ensure a good match.  


    To fit these 3D-printed parts to your plastic kit's torpedo tubes, cut away the corresponding end of your plastic kit's torpedo tubes and replace them with these 3D-printed parts.


    • accurately scaled from scans of original Electric Boat Company manufacturer's blueprints dated 3 December 1942
    • details confirmed from careful study of period photographs
    • hinges properly positioned for port tubes and the starboard tubes (hinges go on the inboard side of the door) 
    • accurate, detailed, tube-top firing combustion chamber
    • accurate breech door hinge
    • exterior stiffener rings properly sized and located
    • bolt heads accurately scaled in their proper position, randomly turned for realism

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    1/72 PT Boat Torpedo Tube Breech Doors

    SKU: 72-TorpTubeBreechDoors