Scale: 1/720

Recommended for:

  • Revell 1/720 scale HMS King George V - built as HMS Anson
  • Revell 1/720 scale HMS Ark Royal and Tribal class Destroyer Escort

This set of four Mark VI High Angle Control System "HACS" Directors is intended to model HMS Anson as she appeared after her 1944-1945 refit as well as other ships that carried these directors including some Illustrious and Implacable class aircraft carriers, Minotaur class cruisers HMCS Ontario and HMS Superb, some Tribal class destroyers, and the first eight Battle class destroyers.  For HMS Anson prior to her 1944-1945 refit, choose the earlier Mark V HACS Directors, available separately.


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From Wikipedia:  "The High Angle Control System (HACS) was a British anti-aircraft fire-control system employed by the Royal Navy from 1931 onwards and used widely during World War II. HACS calculated the necessary deflection required to place an explosive shell in the location of a target flying at a known height, bearing and speed.  HACS used various director towers that were generally equipped with Type 285 as it became available. This metric wavelength system employed six yagi antennas that could take ranges of targets, and take accurate readings of bearing using a technique known as "lobe switching" but only crude estimates of altitude. It could not, therefore, "lock on" to aerial targets and was unable to provide true blindfire capabilities, which no other navy was able to do until the USN developed advanced radars in 1944 using technology transfers from the UK. This situation was not remedied until the introduction of the HACS Mark VI director in 1944 that was fitted with centimetric Radar Type 275. Another improvement was the addition of Remote Power Control (RPC), in which the anti-aircraft guns automatically trained with the director tower, with the necessary changes in bearing and elevation to allow for convergent fire. Previously the gun crews had to follow mechanical pointers that indicated where the director tower wanted the guns to train."  

HACS Mark VI Directors are known to have been installed on HMS Anson and the aircraft carriers HMS IndomitableImplacable and Indefatigable, some Minotaur class cruisers, and Battle, Daring and Tribal class destroyers.

1/720 HACS Mk.VI Directors