Scale: 1/720

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  • and more!


This model kit superstructure is intended to help the modeler convert any 1/720 scale USS Arizona BB-39 model kit to sistership USS Pennsylvania BB-38 as she appeared in 1941.

This is a multi-part kit.  These parts were designed for a tight fit.  3D-printed plastic is more brittle than polystyrene kit parts.  If necessary, trim parts to fit rather than force them.


  • two detailed armored conning tower stations, one for command and navigation and the other for flag officer command, with three types of accurately shaped vision slits
  • enlarged bridge, unique to Pennsylvania
  • enlarged, signal deck, unique to Pennsylvania
  • properly shaped navigation bridge and pilot house
  • open door positions ready for your favorite photo-etch doors (not included)
  • unusual doors (exterior navigating bridge and air defense station) present in the closed position
  • heavy supporting structure details
  • fine supporting structure details omitted, ready for your favorite photo-etch parts (not included) 

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1/720 USS Pennsylvania BB-38 Superstructure, 1941

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