Scale: 1/85

Set includes 7 cannons.  Carriages not included.

These models represent US Navy 18-pounder cannons fit to warships such as USS Constellation, 1797-1853.   Like many early US Navy weapons, the configuration of these cannons was copied from British Blomefield 9', long-pattern, 18-pounder cannons fit to early 19th Century Royal Navy warships.


Length: 35.65 mm 

Although there were minor variations among real cannons, these models' scaled dimensions and details match dimensions from tables published in "British Smooth-bore Artillery: a Technological Study to Support Identification, Acquisition, Restoration, Reproduction, and Interpretation of Artillery at National Historic Parks in Canada" by David McConnell.  Their details were matched to those of surviving cannon.

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1/85 US Navy 18-pounder Cannons, long-pattern, Blomefield copies

SKU: 85-cannons 18# USN long-7

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