Scale: 1/96

Includes 1 mount (turret) with barrels.

This 5"/38 cal. Mk.22 twin-gun mount (turret) represents the main battery of Porter class and Somers class US Navy destroyers of World War Two.  The 5"/38 cal. Mk.22 Mount was a single-purpose (surface action only) mount enclosing twin Mk.12 guns.


To assemble the mount, insert each barrel through the open bottom and fix in place at any realistic elevation.  When properly assembled, the gun barrels will be offset in the barrel slots closer to the centerline.


  • overall dimensions scaled from official US Navy O.P. 1112 drawings dated January, 1945
  • details confirmed from careful study of high-resolution photographs obtained from the National Archives
  • accurately shaped gunhouse (turret)
  • detailed turret bottom supporting structure
  • accurately sized and located, access hatches and viewfinder ports with hinge, clasp ("dog") and bolt detail
  • accurately sized and located gunhouse bolt detail
  • separate barrels allowing the modeler to set them to any realistic elevation from + 35 degrees to - 10 degrees, just like the real mount
  • guns accurately offset within the gunhouse barrel slots

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1/96 Porter class and Somers class 5"/38 cal. Mk.22 Mount

SKU: 96-5in38 for Somers Porter-1

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