Scale: 1/96

Set includes 4 life rafts.  


These models represent 9' x 5' rectangular 25-man life rafts carried by many World War Two-era and Cold War-era US Navy and allied warships such as Fletcher class destroyers and Iowa class battleships.

These 3D-printed acrylic parts are designed to accurately represent features of the actual ship.  They are not 3D-printed copies of plastic kit parts and therefore are not the same size and shape.  Some adjustment to your plastic kit's parts or other aftermarket parts such as photoetch may be necessary for best fit.

© Model Monkey LLC.  This 3D-printed product may not be copied or recast.


Recommended for:

  • CNC 1/96 scale USS Iowa BB-61, 1945 Superstructure
  • CNC 1/96 scale USS New Jersey BB-62, 1991 Superstructure
  • CNC 1/96 scale USS Atlanta CL-51 Superstructure
  • CNC 1/96 scale USS Oakland CL-95 Superstructure
  • CNC 1/96 scale USS Allen M. Sumner DD-692, 1944 Superstructure
  • CNC 1/96 scale USS Allen M. Sumner DD-692, 1960 Superstructure
  • CNC 1/96 scale Fletcher Class Round Bridge Superstructure
  • CNC 1/96 scale Fletcher Class Square Bridge Superstructure
  • CNC 1/96 scale Fletcher Class FRAM Superstructure
  • CNC 1/96 scale USS Gearing DD-710, 1945 Superstructure
  • CNC 1/96 scale USS Gearing DD-710 FRAM Superstructure
  • CNC 1/96 scale USS Baltimore CA-68 Superstructure
  • CNC 1/96 scale USS Cleveland CL-55 Superstructure
  • Deans Marine 1/96 scale USS Kidd DD-661
  • Fleetscale 1/96 scale Iowa Class Battleship hull
  • Fleetscale 1/96 scale Essex Class Aircraft Carrier hull
  • Fleetscale 1/96 scale Tennessee Class Battleship hull
  • Fleetscale 1/96 scale Benham Class Destroyer hull
  • Fleetscale 1/96 scale Gearing Class hull
  • Fleetscale 1/96 scale Gridley Class hull
  • Loyalhanna Dockyard 1/96 Iowa Class Battleship hull
  • Loyalhanna Dockyard 1/96 scale Atlanta Class Anti-aircraft Cruiser hull
  • Loyalhanna Dockyard 1/96 scale North Carolina Class Battleship hull
  • Loyalhanna Dockyard 1/96 scale South Dakota Class Battleship hull
  • Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Enterprise CV-6 hull
  • Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Franklin CV-13 hull
  • Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Hancock CV-19 hull
  • Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Arizona BB-39 hull, as late-war USS Pennsylvania BB-38 option
  • Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Tennessee BB-43 hull, late-war option
  • Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Maryland BB-46 hull, late war
  • Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Massachusetts BB-59 hull
  • Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Iowa BB-61 hull
  • Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Wichita CA-45 hull
  • Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Baltimore CA-68 hull
  • Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Boston CA-69/CAG-1 hull
  • Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Pittsburgh CA-72 hull
  • Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Salem CA-134 hull
  • Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Oklahoma City CL-91/CLG-3 hull
  • Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Long Beach CGN-9 hull
  • The Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Ward DD-139
  • The Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Bainbridge DD-246
  • The Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Farragut DD-348
  • The Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Porter DD-356
  • The Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Gridley DD-380
  • The Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Somers DD-381
  • The Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Benham DD-397
  • The Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Sims DD-409
  • The Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Benson DD-421
  • The Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Fletcher DD-445
  • The Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Pritchett DD-561
  • The Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Kidd DD-661
  • The Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Allen M. Sumner DD-692 
  • The Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Gearing DD-710
  • The Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Maddox DD-731
  • The Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Glennon DD-840
  • The Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. DD-850
  • The Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Rudderow DE-224 
  • The Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS Samuel B. Roberts DE-413
  • The Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS England DE-635
  • The Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USCGC Roger B. Taney WPG-37 hull
  • The Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USCGC Hamilton WHEC-715 hull
  • and more!

1/96 Life Rafts, 25-man rectangular (set of 4)

SKU: 96-LifeRafts-rectangular-4