Scale: 1/96   (1/8 inch = 1 foot)

Includes 1 director.

This model represents the early, seven-sided "square back shield" configuration of the Mark 38 Main Battery Fire Control Directors fit to USS Missouri BB-63, USS Wisconsin BB-64 and Alaska class large cruisers.  

Also available:

  • original 6-sided "square back" configuration Mk.38 director
  • modernized, 7-sided 1990s configuration Mk.38 director

Please consult your references to know which type is correct for your model.


  • open director captain hatch (slid forward)
  • accurately shaped viewfinder covers with hinge and hinge motor detail
  • accurately shaped and located defroster covers on top of rangefinder hoods with hinge detail
  • accurately sized, numbered and located bolt-head details
  • raised bases for handrails (handrails not included - use small diameter wire)  

This 3D-printed model was designed from official US Navy drawings. It is scaled to match the dimensions of the real director.

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1/96 Mk.38 Main Battery Fire Control Director, enlarged 7-sided shield

SKU: 96-Mk38 7-sided shield-1

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