Scale: 1/96   (1/8 inch = 1 foot)

Set includes 8 carronades.  Carriages not included.


These models represent typical 1795-pattern 18-pounder carronades fit to early 19th Century Royal Navy warships.

Carronades were first developed in Scotland at the Carron ironworks from which they get their name.  They were sometimes referred to as "smashers".  Carronades were designed to be a very powerful, short-range, anti-ship and anti-personnel weapon. 

Although there were minor variations among real cannons, these models' scaled dimensions and details match drawings of the Carron 1795-pattern gun by noted naval historian Brian Lavery as shown in "Anatomy of the Ship: The 74-gun ship Bellona". 


The models feature King George monograms.

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1/96 Royal Navy 18-pounder Carronades, Carron 1795-pattern

SKU: 96-carronades-18pounder-RN-8

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