Scale: 1/96   (1/8 inch = 1 foot)

Set includes 6 trays and 54 shot.

Recommended for:

  • Bluejacket Shipcrafters 1/96 scale USS Constitution "Old Ironsides" 
  • Heller 1/96 scale USS Constitution
  • Revell 1/96 scale USS Constitution "Old Ironsides" 
  • and more!


These models represent typical 32-pounder shot trays fit to 18th and 19th Century sailing warships.  These trays were placed near guns during battle as a small supply of ready ammunition.  Shot are printed separately from the racks for easier painting and include small posts for easy assembly after painting.

Tray dimensions (one tray):
Length: 6.0 mm
Width: 5.5 mm
Height: 0.75 mm

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1/96 Shot Trays and Shot for 32-pounder Carronades

SKU: 96-shot tray 32#-6

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