Scale: 1/96   (1/8 inch = 1 foot)

Set includes 8 cannons.

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These models represent 18-pounder cannons originally fit to the US Navy's famous frigate USS Constitution when the ship was first commissioned.  Although no details about those original 18-pounder guns survives, the cannons may have been American copies of contemporary British Blomefield-pattern guns weighing 4700 pounds and were 8 feet long.  These 3D-printed models are based on Blomefield guns but do not feature King George monograms.


"In late May 1798, less than two months before she first put to sea, Constitution had only the thirty 24s on her gun deck. In desperation, the Federal government persuaded the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to loan the Navy sixteen of the 18-pounder long guns known to be languishing in Fort Independence in Boston harbor....To sum up, USS Constitution, rated as a 44-gun frigate, carried thirty 24-pounders, sixteen 18-pounders, and fourteen 12-pounders -- sixty long guns, in all -- when she entered service. She carried this huge armament through the Quasi-War with France, and until she was laid up in reserve in June 1802.  Returning to active duty the following summer, she sailed to the Mediterranean to face the Barbary pirates without the 18-pounders, which had been returned to their owners." - (click here).


Note: if building your model of Constitution as she appeared during the War of 1812, please purchase Cecil Iron Works' 24-pounder cannons and the carriages specifically sized for those cannons, both available separately.

These cannons are not 3D-printed copies of any plastic, resin, metal or wood carriages but are of an orignal design scaled from a surviving carriage.  The size of this 3D-printed carriage may be different from your kit's parts.  Some adjustment of your kit's parts may be necessary for best fit.

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1/96 US Navy 18-pounder Cannons, Blomefield copy

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