Scale: 1/96   (1/8 inch = 1 foot)

Set includes 6 cannons.  A set of 6 carriages is available separately.

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These models represent Furnace-Hope Ironworks' 24-pounder cannons originally fit to the US Navy's famous frigate USS Constitution when the ship was first commissioned. The Furnace-Hope 24-pounder was 8 feet long (excluding button) and weighed about 6000 pounds. 


"Old Ironsides" carried thirty Furnace-Hope 24-pounders, all on the gun deck, from 1798 until about 1808.  They were found to be too short for efficient use.  When Constitution put to sea in March, 1809, they had been replaced by much longer and heavier 24-pounders produced by the Cecil Iron Works of Maryland.  Click here to learn more about the guns fit to USS Constitution.


Note: if building your model of Constitution as she appeared during the War of 1812, please purchase Cecil Iron Works' 24-pounder cannons and the carriages specifically sized for those cannons, both available separately.

These cannons are not 3D-printed copies of any plastic, resin, metal or wood carriages but are of an orignal design scaled from a surviving carriage.  The size of this 3D-printed carriage may be different from your kit's parts.  Some adjustment of your kit's parts may be necessary for best fit.

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1/96 US Navy 24-pounder Cannons, Furnace-Hope 1794

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