Scale: 1/96   (1/8 inch = 1 foot)

Includes 1 fighting top, the "Main Top".  The forward fighting top, the "Fore Top", had different rivet and reinforcing plate detail. 

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This model represents the aft fighting top, the "Main Top" of USS Arizona BB-39, USS Pennsylvania BB-38, USS Nevada BB-36 and USS Oklahoma BB-37 as the ships appeared at Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941.  The Main Top includes the structural column that supported a diamond-shaped "birdbath" machinegun tub (tub not included).


  • overall dimensions and features scaled from official US Navy drawings and drawings by the late Alan B. Chesley, modified to match high resolution photographs obtained from the National Archives of USS Pennyslvania at Mare Island taken shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
  • accurate shape
  • accurately numbered, sized and located rivets of various sizes
  • accurate exterior reinforcing plates and straps
  • accurate rooftop access hatches with hinge detail

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1/96 USS Arizona BB-39 Main Top, 7 December 1941

SKU: 96-BB39-MainTop-1941

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