Scale: 1/96     (1/8 inch = 1 foot)

Includes parts to build 2 kingposts (no crane booms).  A set of kingposts with crane booms is available separately.

Recommended to help build USS Pennsylvania BB-38 from the Scale Shipyard 1/96 USS Arizona BB-39 hull (# WHU-B3).

These models represent the two kingposts which supported large boat/aircraft cranes of USS Pennsylvania BB-38.  


USS Pennsylvania's cranes were significantly different than sistership USS Arizona's cranes.


  • overall dimensions and shapes match scale drawings by the late Alan B. Chesley
  • includes two kingposts with separate turntables (the large round structures).  The kingposts and turntables are properly "mirrored", one each for the portside crane and the other for the starboard side crane
  • turntables are to be placed over the kingposts.  The bases of the booms will rest on top of the turntables.  The turntables can be left free (unglued) so that the booms can swing to any realistic position (booms not included)
  • bolt, nuts and rivets all realistically designed and carefully located to precisely match high-resolution photos of the actual cranes taken at Mare Island in Februrary-March 1942


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1/96 USS Pennsylvania BB-38 Crane Kingposts and Turntables

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