Recommended island to build USS Hornet CV-8 from the following Revell and Lodela Yorktown class aircraft carrier kits:  

  • Revell "Battle of Midway Carrier"
  • Revell USS Yorktown CV-5
  • Revell USS Enterprise CV-6 The "Big E"
  • Revell USS Hornet CV-8
  • Lodela USS Hornet CV-8


Scale: the box of these kits is sometimes erroneously labeled as 1/542 scale, 1/400 scale, 1/490 scale or 1/480 scale.  The true scale of the model kit, when compared to measurements drawn on official US Navy blueprints of the actual ship, is 1/487 scale,  This island is precisely scaled for your Revell kit.

This accurately shaped and highly detailed model represents the 1942 appearance of the island of celebrated US Navy aircraft carrier USS Hornet CV-8, veteran of the Battles of Midway, Guadalcanal and Santa Cruz, and ship that launched the Doolittle Raiders to fame over Tokyo. 


Accurate Model Monkey parts for USS Yorktown CV-5, USS Enterprise CV-6 and USS Hornet CV-8:

  • USS Yorktown CV-5 Island (1942)
  • USS Enterprise CV-6 Island (1942)
  • USS Hornet CV-8 Island (1942)
  • Mk.37 Directors, "Angle-back" (set of 2) - for USS Hornet CV-8


  • fully assembled
  • overall dimensions accurately scaled from the official builder's plans drawn by Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Company, dated April 5, 1940, adjusted for 1942
  • details specific to USS Hornet confirmed by careful study of builders plans and period photographs of the real ship
  • properly asymmetrical Pilot House, a feature every plastic kit manufacturer gets wrong
  • accurately sited Tripod and Fighting Top (Hornet's was further aft than the tripod of her elder sisters)
  • open Primary Flight Control "PriFly" windows
  • open Battle Lookouts, aka "Vision Slits"
  • open doors, ready for your favorite photo-etch (not included)
  • accurately shaped decks
  • accurately shaped splinter shielding with interior rib detail
  • properly shaped funnel cap
  • properly sized and located, open, scale 16" and 12" diameter portholes
  • properly scaled smokepipes passing through the entire island - forward smokepipe at the correct slope
  • delicate exterior electrical cabling
  • heavy structural deck support details (light supports omitted, ready for your favorite photo-etch
  • aft cutout for crane


This island matches dimensions of the real ship, not any specific model kit.  To fit this island to your plastic kit's flight deck, you may need to remove the raised locator strips on the kit's flight deck part.  A simple cuticle cutter can cleanly and easily remove these raised locator features.

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From Wikipedia: "USS Hornet (CV-8), the seventh ship to carry the name Hornet, was a Yorktown-class aircraft carrier of the United States Navy. During World War II in the Pacific Theater, she launched the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo and participated in the Battle of Midway and the Buin-Faisi-Tonolai Raid. In the Solomon Islands campaign she was involved in the capture and defense of Guadalcanal and the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands where she was irreparably damaged and sunk by enemy destroyers. Hornet was in service for a year and six days and was the last US fleet carrier ever sunk by enemy fire. For these actions, she was awarded four service stars, a citation for the Doolittle Raid in 1995, and her Torpedo Squadron 8 received a Presidential Unit Citation for extraordinary heroism for the Battle of Midway."

USS Hornet CV-8 Island 1942, for Revell

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