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Exceptionally accurate and highly detailed products for scale modelers.

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About Us

Who We Are

We are scale modelers just like you.  We opened in 2014 and since our first day in business, Model Monkey has been bringing exceptionally accurate and highly detailed 3D-printed products to scale modelers world-wide.   


Model Monkey is a family-run, veteran-owned business offering 3D-printed products in different materials.  We do our best to ensure a permanent variety of fantastic models is available.  Presently, we offer over 2000 products including nearly 600 ready-to-print nameplates.  Nameplates are available in real metal and paintable white acrylic plastic.


Our gray resin scale models are 3D-printed in our own workshop in North Carolina, USA using high-end, state-of-the-art 3D-printing technology.  Metal and acrylic plastic nameplates, models that are too big for our printers, and designs that are not suitable for our own 3D printers, are sold by Shapeways (click here).  Shapeways prints Model Monkey designs at their factories in New York, USA, in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, or by Shapeways' partners world-wide.





We design our models using sophisticated computer-aided design (CAD) software from the most authoritative references.   Our designs are based on:

  • high-resolution scans of original manufacturers' blueprints

  • US Navy, US Army, and US Army Air Forces plans and technical publications

  • high-resolution scans of official photographs and drawings obtained from the US National Archives

  • Admiralty (Royal Navy) and Royal Air Force plans and technical publications

  • Imperial War Museum plans and technical publications

  • Bundesmuseum plans and technical publications

  • scans of captured builder's plans held by the French Bureau d'études de l'Atelier d'Issy-les-MoulineauX  (AMX)

  • measurements taken directly from surviving artifacts and museum aircraft, tanks and ships

Many of our designs benefit from the gracious assistance and advice of subject-matter experts, museum staff, researchers and noted historians. 

We gladly accept requests for custom named metal or plastic nameplates.

We may be able to re-scale an existing design for you.

Requests for new products, alterations to existing designs, or free products are not accepted.

Have fun.  Monkey around.


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