Customer Gallery.

Thanks to our valued customers for submitting photos of their art!

1/350 scale USS Hornet CV-8 (Trumpeter) by Martin Quinn.

Model Monkey island with customer-added photo-etch.

1/350 scale Tirpitz (Revell) by Martin Quinn.

Model Monkey turrets all around.

1/700 scale USS Oklahoma BB-37 by James Strauss.

Model Monkey turrets and Mk.19 fire control directors.

1/700 scale USS St. Paul CA-73 by James Strauss.

Model Monkey conversion set and turrets.

1/700 scale USS Honolulu CL-48, work in progress, by James Strauss.

Model Monkey turrets.

1/144 scale USS Van Valkenburgh DD-656 (Revell) by Pirkka Karskella.

Model Monkey pilot house, "square bridge" deck and CIC, and life rafts.

1/24 scale P-51D Mustang Wheel Well for Airfix kits by Norbert Mertens.

Model Monkey wheel well with customer-added wiring.  1:1 scale hand by Mr. Mertens.

1/700 scale USS Oriskany CV-34, Korean War-era appearance, work in progress, by Michael Smith.

Model Monkey island and enclosed electric stairway.

1/96 scale USS Intrepid CVS-11 model restoration by Chris Nichols.

Model Monkey enclosed bridges and PriFly.

1/700 scale USS Hornet CV-8 at Santa Cruz

by Christoph Mentzel.

Model Monkey island.

1/700 scale USS St. Paul CA-73 and USS Los Angeles CA-135

by Christoph Mentzel.

Model Monkey conversion sets and turrets.

1/700 scale USS Los Angeles CA-135 by Christoph Mentzel.

Model Monkey conversion sets and turrets.

1/700 scale USS Baltimore CA-68 and USS Salem CA-139 by Christoph Mentzel.

Model Monkey turrets.

1/350 scale USS Tennessee BB-43, work in progress, by Roger Torgeson.

Model Monkey cage masts, fighting tops and 3" gun tubs.

1/700 scale USS Pennsylvania BB-38, post-Pearl Harbor attack 1942 appearance, work in progress, by Mark Edwards.

Model Monkey superstructure, Mk.19 Directors and cranes.


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