Scale: 1/100


Includes 1 turret with barrels.


This model represents the middle pair of 15 cm L/55 (5.9"/55 caliber) twin-gun "command" turrets of the World War Two-era Deutsche Kriegsmarine battleships Bismarck and Tirpitz.  These turrets were also intended to be installed aboard the proposed H-klasse super-battleships and proposed M-klasse cruisers.  The turret is properly known as the SK C/28. 


This version has integrated armored rangefinder hoods.  Turrets without the rangefinder are available separately.

Click here for a detailed description of these turrets.


  • overall dimensions scaled from Krupp factory drawings.  The scaled dimensions match drawings published in Anatomy of the Ship: The Battleship Bismarck by Jack Brower
  • details confirmed by careful study of photographs of the real ships
  • integrated blast bags (bloomers)
  • accurately sized and positioned bolthead detail
  • accurately shaped rangefinder and viewfinder shutters in closed positions

These parts are not 3D-printed copies of any plastic, wood, metal or resin model kit's parts.  They are original 3D designs based on factory drawings.  Therefore, they may not be the same size or shape of your plastic kit's parts.  Some adjustment of your plastic kit's parts or other aftermarket products may be needed for best fit.

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1/100 Bismarck and Tirpitz 15 cm "Command" Turret with barrels

SKU: 100-DKM 15cm Turret rangefinders brrls-1