Scale 1/125

Recommended for the Lindberg 1/125 scale “Blue Devil Destroyer” USS Melvin DD-680, Fletcher class.


These models represent the enlarged fighting positions for twin 40mm Bofors cannon mounts, replacing single 20mm Oerlikon cannons, called "tubs", fit to many Fletcher class destroyers from late World War Two.  This significant and very conspicuous modification was made to improve the anti-aircraft capability of Fletcher class destroyers.

There were many configurations of Bofors tubs.  This model is based on USS Kidd's 1945 appearance and that of tubs retrofit to early "round bridge" ships by Hunters Point Navy Yard.  


  • scaled from scans of original Hunters Point Navy Yard blueprints obtained from the National Archives by noted naval historian Rick E. Davis
  • dimensions match 1/192 scale drawings by Thomas F. Walkowiak of USS The Sullivans DD-537 available from The Floating Drydock (click here)
  • 4-level ammunition racks accurately slotted for 3 rows of 40mm ammuniiton clips including larger slots for the clips and smaller slots for the ammuntion tips
  • the portion of the deck that extends outwards from the central deck house underneath is included as an aid to position and align the tubs
  • splinter shielding and deck extensions accurately shaped to account for deck shear (slope)
  • splinter shielding external gusset reinforcement matches photos of USS Kidd DD-661 taken in 1945, as she appeared when struck by a Kamikaze off Okinawa (the reinforcement appears slightly different today).

These models are designed from official US Navy drawings to represent the real shape and size of the tubs.  They are not scaled to precisely fit any specific plastic, wood or resin kit.  Depending on which kit you own, some adjustment to your kit's parts, other aftermarket parts such as photo-etch or resin mounts, or these 3D-printed tubs, may be necessary for best fit.

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1/125 Fletcher class Forward Twin Bofors Tubs

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