Scale: 1/144

Set includes 4 Ring Stands (2 sloped for bow 5"/38 cal. mounts and 2 flat for aft 5"/38 cal. mounts).

Recommended for post-war Fletcher class ships only carrying 4 turrets, such as:

  • Revell 1/144 scale "German Destroyer Class 119 (Z1/Z5)"


These stands are perfectly matched to fit Model Monkey 5"/38 cal. single-gun mounts available separately.


These ring stands will NOT fit twin-gun mounts.

They are suitable for 1/144 scale model ships of the following ships and classes:

  • USS Long Beach CGN-9
  • USS Idaho BB-42
  • Fletcher class
  • Sims class
  • Benham class
  • Benson class
  • Garcia class
  • John C. Butler class
  • Buckley class
  • Rudderow class
  • Wind class USCG icebreakers
  • Treasury class USCG cutters (for example, USCGC Roger B. Taney)
  • Currituck class seaplane tenders


These 3D-printed acrylic parts are designed to accurately represent features of the actual ship based on official Navy blueprints.  These are not 3D-printed copies of Revell's plastic kit's parts and therefore are not the same size and shape.  Some adjustment to your plastic kit's parts or other aftermarket parts such as photoetch may be necessary for best fit.  CA "super glue" will bond this acrylic part to your plastic kit's deck.


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1/144 Ring Stands for 5"/38 cal. Mk. 30 single-gun Mounts (4)

SKU: 1-144 Ring Stands post-war-4